Why Next Generation Kids!

Why should I enroll my children at Next Generation Kids?

Choosing a performing arts school can be daunting. It's hard to know what your child really needs. There are many different studios offering classes; which one is the best for my child? How prepared are the students at auditions for local and professional productions?

To answer the last question first, Next Generation Kids has become one of the leading schools in the country in training children for auditioning on a professional level. On May 29th, six of our talented young girls took a train to New York to audition for the National Tour of Annie. After seeing hundreds of girls all 6 of ours remained in the final 24. That means Next Generation Kids represented 25% in the final call-back. No other studio in the country can make that claim. One of our students made it to the final 4 for Broadway's Mary Poppins. While she wasn't cast, she too made an impression for herself and the Next Generation Kids. Starlight Dinner Theatre's productions of Oliver, South Pacific, Gypsy, Sound of Music and more have starred out students. And of course Jocelyn Chmielewski has been & Madison Zavitzis is currently on the National Tour of Annie. Our little dynamo Tieana Stevens is playing Cindy Loo Who on Broadway in this years "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

These are but a small sampling of the success stories. If you want to learn more, go to our NGK Student Blog page.

Private Voice Technique Classes

In voice, students are taught how to sing with energy and beauty. To do this theylearn "proper vocal technique" which includes: posture, breathing, vocal placement and vowel shapes. Also, through instruction they learn: musical phrasing, music theory and sight-singing. As the student is bringing those elements together he begins to interpret the song, using acting as a means of presenting the piece.

Please go to our Private Voice page to get more information.

Private Piano Technique Classes

In beginning piano we use the Phonics 4 Piano series.

PHONICS 4 PIANO is based on decades of piano-teaching experience. Thousands of children around the world are now successfully playing the piano because it is easy and fun while they are learning.


We do NOT teach the music staff first. This has 2 advantages...children who know their finger numbers and learn where to place them on the keys can almost immediately play familiar songs. The second is that children are not overwhelmed since only one concept is presented at a time.

Children develop a great sense of self-confidence as they learn to play familiar songs. This motivates them to practice more and they learn to read the music staff at their own pace, step-by-step.

Please go to our Private Piano page to get more information.

Next Generation Kids offers performing classes.

Whether your child is 4 or 14, Next Generation Kids has a performing class for him. Our classes are fun and challenging. Students learn songs, dances, play-acting games and perform at a variety of functions throughout the year.

Next Generation Kids offers dance classes.

Our students train in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and a variety of musical theatre styles. These are classes that train students for auditions and shows. At Next Generation Kids we never make you pay for a costume or high recital fees.

Next Generation Kids offers Summer Camps.

What's a summer without putting on a show? Our campers learn a musical review in a week. That includes: learn the song, learn the dances, paint the set, design the costume and do the show! Our summer camps often sell out so make sure you sign up early! Go to our summer camp page to find out more! Summer Camps In Casselberry