NGK Classes

  • Middle/High School | Mondays
    Next Gen Players
    Jan 9 thru May 29 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    The Middle/High class focuses on performance skills needed for professional and community theater. Vocal technique, script study, audition skills, movement and more are covered in this class. Some of the shows we're looking at doing are: Singing In The Rain, Finnians Rainbow, The Little Mermaid. register now

  • Ages 3-4 | Tuesdays
    Rising Stars
    Jan 10 thru May 23 | 4:00pm - 4:45pm

    Pre-schoolers at Next Generation Kids are introduced to dancing, singing, and acting while using their imagination. Students will learn basic ballet and vocal technique. They will also be encouraged to creatively move their bodies while exploring the language of the theatre. Basic music skills are also presented, making use of different rhythms and melodies. The semester culminates with the presentation Stars and Stripes Forever to our great country. register now

  • Grade k-2 | Tuesdays
    Kid Power Jr.
    Jan 10 thru May 23 | 5:00pm-6:00pm

    K-2nd graders at Next Generation Kids focus on dancing, singing, and acting within a musical theater environment. Students are introduced to dance technique that focuses on steps used in the theater, also highlighting basic ballet and tap. Vocal technique in this class focuses on reading music on the staff and interpreting printed rhythms. K-2nd graders are also expected to be able to interpret and articulate dialogue from a theatrical script.  register now

  • Grade 3-5 | Tuesdays
    Kid Power Sr.
    Jan 10 thru May 23 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    The 3rd-5th grade class at Next Generation Kids is an intermediate musical theater educational class. Students in this class are introduced to a variety of theatrical dance styles. 3rd-5th graders will also learn to read notes and rhythms, and will be capable of singing basic harmonies. This class also focuses on script study and theatrical terminology. 3rd-5th graders will be able to use theatrical vocabulary when receiving stage directions. Some of the shows we're looking at doing are: A Year With Frog and Toad, Jungle Book, Aladdin. register now